2021 changes everything?

I’ve published on the domain, mjohnson.net, almost since I bought the name in the fall of 1998. But it was rarely about the content for me. It was more about the technical process of managing and running the server, the name servers, the email, and the content management system. The technology behind the creativity was always what drove me to be online.

I’ve always wanted to know how to publish. But I’ve struggled with what to say. And a lack of confidence in whether anyone was actually listening was a problem. Or even if what I was trying to share was worth paying attention to?

With the coming of Facebook and a personal down turn in my life from 2009 through 2011, I abandoned all my websites and retreated to the maintenance free but highly populated world of Facebook. Then I even restricted my sharing there as well.

In the last few years, I’ve only shared photos and a few bits about family or something I found humorous. Which is not all that different than most people on the Internet. But the world went crazy! And even if I had something to say, there was no safe place to say it.

In the last five years, I’ve shared very few political opinions publicly. It’s sadly gotten to the point that it’s now dangerous to do so. What I realized is that I’m alone. No one in politics seems to even come close to representing what I believe. In fact, I may not even know clearly how to explain what I believe in. So I’m hoping to do the following with my website:

  1. Control a place where I can explain what I believe.
  2. Discover again what exactly my beliefs are.
  3. Share who I am and not fall into the labels others perceive of me.
  4. Get back to exploring technology and communication before it’s lost to the tech giants completely.

This wont be all about politics. I will write about me. About what I’m doing, thinking and exploring. About my perception of history. And generally covering the things I’m interested in.

Thanks for joining me. Please stay tuned for more…