In re-starting my website, again, I was thinking about the past iterations and wondering if there were any gems that should be re-published here. I’ve decided that the answer is likely no. This goes back to my confidence in my writing. The reason I trashed the older versions was because I don’t think anyone cared about what was there. As a modern day analogy, only creepers skim way back on anyone’s Facebook page, right?

So no, I’m starting from here and will move forward. If you are interested, I was always pretty good about making sure that had permission to scrape my websites. They are all up there! Oh there might be a few bits missing, the photos and such, but the words, thoughts, commentary and news I found interesting is all there for history to judge.

Feel free to take a look:*/*/*/*/

Sadly, the audio recordings from “What Would Jesus Podcast” may be lost. Perhaps I have them on a CD somewhere. Perhaps Scott has some of them.

But the “What Would Jesus Podcast” is a perfect example of why I need to do this website better than I ever did before. Facebook owns all the things I’ve uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. Google owns a bunch of my photos. I don’t think either company will be closing shop anytime soon but Geocities is gone now. Myspace is gone. So who knows?

And of course, in the growing climate of corporate censorship, I could be removed from their services at anytime. So part of this effort will be to get control of my own presence on the Internet. Almost impossible to be 100% safe. But this is my exploration of that possibility. Please pardon the techno-jargon that lies ahead.